How to exclude a database from your dump with ZRM (MySQL Community help needed)

Last month, Ronald Bradford, Giuseppe Maxia and Mark Leith spoke about how to simulate a mysqldump –ignore-database.
This mysqldump option doesn’t exist and these three guys have given us various helpful solutions.

But for those of us who use ZRM community to make backup with mysqldump, the –exclude-pattern seems to do the job :

--exclude-pattern "pattern" 
All databases or tables that match the pattern are not backed up. 
If --all-databases or --databases are specified, the exclude pattern applies
to database names. If --database is specified, the exclude pattern applies
to table names. Wildcard characters * (match one or more characters),
? (match one character), [] (match one of the characters specified
within parenthesis) and | (match one of the patterns) are supported.
For example: Exclude pattern "*_db|dbase[123]|abcd" will match names
tom_db, dbase1, dbase2, abcd. All tables or databases that match this pattern
will be excluded. Character # is not permitted in the exclude pattern.

But this option seems to not work properly and I remember that I’ve used a hack to force ZRM to exclude a database from the database list since I used this tools.
I’m not talented enough in perl to really hack the code of this tool, so, I made it simple.

I made ​​a simple change to this file : /usr/bin/mysql-zrm-backup
By adding this new line after the row number 1597 :  $params = “–databases @pdbs”

To obtain that :

} else {
 $params = "--all-databases ";
 @pdbs = &enumAllDatabases();
 if( defined $inputs{"exclude-pattern"} ){
 @pdbs = &filterPattern( @pdbs );
 my $l = @pdbs;
 if( $l == 0 ){
 &printAndDie( "Nothing to backup after exclude-pattern is applied\n" );
 $params = "--databases @pdbs"
 if( $verbose ){
 &printLog( "backup of the following databases will be done @pdbs\n" );

I can now exclude a database from my dump (but not a table).

But I’m sure a talented person could try to review the code to improve it in a right way.
If you are this person, you know what needs to be done…

If you are a ZRM Community edition practicer, share your thoughts about that.

My slides of MySQL Meetup Viadeo / LeMUG Paris

I was glad to present how to schedule and monitor mysqldump with ZRM community last week in Paris as part of the MySQL Meetup Viadeo / LeMUG

You can find my slides below, enjoy ! :

Thanks to Olivier and all the viadeo team in Paris for this event.
And, of course, thanks to all attendees.
We need more events like that in France !