Probably the best European conference on MySQL is coming this fall

The full schedule for Percona Live London 2014 was revealed earlier this month.
Congratulation to all selected speakers and a big thanks to those who submitted a talk.

I have many reasons to believe that this conference will be a very good year.
Let me explain why:

A community event made by community members

If you didn’t know who selected the talks for the conference, have a look to the conference committee page.
This committee is a perfect mixed between community members and evangelists.
As chairman of this conference, I can say that these guys made an amazing job to rate and comment this huge amount of  submitted talks.

I particularly want to point out that despite the commitment of some members of the committee for their companies, they played the game with a perfect fair play. They made smart choices with honesty and impartiality.

Also, Percona organizes the conference and selects the committee members.
But isn’t involved in any way on the choices made by the committee members, it should be highlighted.
That mean that the committee works independently, on a fair process, really.

I established a new process this year to reinforce this idea of ​​fair selection of the talks.
The committee members didn’t have access to the other members’s votes until the end of the rating period.
I found this method very interesting to force a spontaneous and personal choice from each committee members.
It was probably not perfect but if you have a look to the selected talks, you may find that the selection is particularly renewed this year.

if I have the opportunity to work on this event again next year, we probably should involve the whole community in this process.
I don’t know how we could make this possible but we have 1 year to think about. Any ideas?

One more thing: We did all this for fun.

Active sponsors

I don’t want to promote the sponsors here but remember that this conference couldn’t be possible without them.
I just want to point out that the sponsors are actively involved in the MySQL Community and its development.

You probably heard how GitHub works with MySQL or all the good news that Tokutek provides for MySQL and MongoDB.
Codership, Continuent, Devart and Severalnines are really active, as usual.
Pythian (included Blackbird) is a leader in the world of (big/small)data, don’t miss their blog.
And HGST works to improve integration between databases and SSD.

Good sponsors make good events!

A well balanced schedule

Of course, good topics make good events.

The predefined categories allowed to have a good sample of topics this year.
HA, security, performance, replication… and a lot of case studies, you have no excuse to not attend.

The tutorials and the talks offered this year are simply amazing.

Also, Facebook is back this year with good stuff, it could be interesting to learn how they manage their small data.
Booking, eBay, HP and Spil Games certainly have very interesting things to expose too.

And of course, all the latest news about Oracle and MariaDB.

You still have doubts? Book now and save money!

Hope to see you there next month.
Good luck and have fun!

PS: Don’t miss the (free) community dinner, because smart attendees make good events!

MySQL Conference and Expo 2013 feelings (#perconalive)

I wasn’t at the MySQL Conference this year but it was very nice to follow this event from Paris.
Of course I didn’t feel the general atmosphere by visiting booths or met fabulous people.
But it was a great opportunity to offer you a live post about the conference with an external point of view.

Twitter, RSS feeds (yes Google, I still use RSS), Planet MySQL and infiltrators were my best friends during this crazy week.

I would like to summarize the major announcements and events occurs during this tenth edition.

Oracle at Percona Live!

Yes, Oracle was at Percona Live 2013 and it was for the best.
I invite you to watch this keynote from Tomas Ulin about Oracle’s Investment in MySQL, read this post from Sheeri and this one from Mikael Ronstrom.
Oracle promises a future for MySQL and I’m sure many of you were expecting this signal.

MySQL 5.7 and MySQL Applier for Hadoop were also announced during the conference.
MySQL Applier reveals a promising use case for the binary log API.
You can read this first look of MySQL 5.7 by Stewart Smith.

TokuDB and Tungsten Replicator become open source

TokuDB is now open source via a community edition! (An enterprise edition remains available)
The MySQL, MariaDB or Percona users can now freely use TokuDB.
And this engine deserves your attention, for more informations :

Tungsten Replicator is now 100% open source. You no longer have excuses to not use this tool.
Continuent was corporate contributor of the year through the MySQL community awards 2013.

SkySQL + MariaDB = Love (the community)

The next generation of open source database company was born, SkySQL merges with MariaDB Developers. This merge doesn’t affect the MariaDB Foundation, MariaDB will survive!
In the same time Wikipedia adopts MariaDB and shares his experience with the community.

Honestly, I’ve never really understand why SkySQL and MariaDB was two separate companies because the SkySQL’s message was confused.
From now, you can’t be surprised that SkySQL highlights MariaDB and it’s a good point because MariaDB is a great product.
This may affect the independence of SkySQL on MariaDB competitors but I’m convinced that people behind SkySQL could surprise you.

And the new SkySQL/MariaDB becomes a strong alternative to Oracle.
The ping pong between Oracle and MariaDB on their respective resources affected to MySQL/MariaDB development is also quite funny and interesting.


However, I think that MariaDB should stop criticizing Oracle and should focus and communicate more on its own features.
This kind of message is a perfect exemple of counterproductive communication :
(I know this comes from zdnet but reflects what MariaDB proclaims usually)

MariaDB deserves better, but this is only my opinion.

In the meantime…

.. you can pin on a map where you come from.
HP, Amazon, Continuent and Percona talks about the impact of MySQL and its future in the cloud.
– Brian Aker (HPCloud) asked Simone Brunozzi (AWS) : what is the engine of DynamoDB?
– Simone : we don’t disclose
– Brian : it’s MySQL!

Peter Zaitsev evokes the JaSON generation of developers.

LeapMotion announce a new shipping date, you will have to wait another 3 months.

Incredible small data stats from Facebook, again…

“the best answer of 99.9% database optimization questions is ‘it depends'”, really?

Some amazing pictures of a rather unusual booth appear on my twitter timeline.
And this post from Sheeri caught my attention, the comments too.
I believe that if someone is uncomfortable in a conference such as perconalive, there is a problem… (even if this affects only one person)

Slides and what’s next?

Slides from the conference are now available.
You can find these slides and much more on [Plus].
Next steps will be MySQL Connect 2013 and Percona Live London 2013 (hope to see you there)

Continue to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news about the MySQL Community.

And don’t forget to have fun…

Percona Live : MySQL Conference and Expo 2013 (Slides, tweets and more…)


MySQL Conference & Expo






This year again, the MySQL Conference and Expo, hosted by Percona, smells like a wonderful event.
I haven’t the chance to attend this event but I would like to share with you the soul of this one.
I’ll try to share latest news, tweets and slides from the event in this live post.

Stay tuned and come back!

Breaking news!

highlighted tweets



[UPDATED] Why you should go to Percona Live (London) ?

[ UPDATED 2011-09-22 ] :
For French attendees : Vous participez ou souhaitez participer à cette conférence, rejoignez le groupe de la communauté francophone pour partager autour de cet évènement
For All : Download the take away PDF of the conference here : PLL2011.pdf
For All : Download the schedules : Percona_Live_London2011.ics

I don’t want to debate about the next MySQL Conference here, you can find a great summary post here :

But just consider the Robert’s point of view which I fully agree with  : Why not put the energy into organizing a Fall 2012 MySQL Community Conference in Europe ?

I just want to talk about the Percona Live MySQL Conference whose the next summit will be the 24th & 25th of October and explain why you should go there (But it’s just an advice)

MySQL is not only a product owned by Oracle, this is a great community, and this community provides some of the best informations about MySQL and its ecosystem.
You can read every days a lot of useful informations and tips about MySQL and these informations are provided by the community.

So, let me explain why the Percona Live is a great place to be :

  • There are several conferences almost all over the world : NY,  Santa Clara, San Francisco, London and more to come !
  • ( I just would like to say that this is not a “San Francisco” only conference, thanks to Percona for that ! )
  • You can easily spend two days for a conference close to you ( and so don’t give up your job and your family for a long time )
  • This is an easy way to meet other members of the MySQL Community
  • These others members work close to you. You can easily keep in touch after the conference ( and you must do it ! )
  • You can meet people behind the blogs you read every days
  • There isn’t only speakers from Percona but speakers from some of the most innovative companies with MySQL
  • Be sure that the tutorial and conference will be at a very high level
  • And finally, the price is really affordable ( but not the hotel in London, sorry )
  • Your comments…

Be sure that I write this post independently and without ever having attended such a conference.
Just read here my expectations about the next Percona Live in London.
Glad to meet you there !

Stay tuned for my feeling after the conference…