Probably the best European conference on MySQL is coming this fall

The full schedule for Percona Live London 2014 was revealed earlier this month.
Congratulation to all selected speakers and a big thanks to those who submitted a talk.

I have many reasons to believe that this conference will be a very good year.
Let me explain why

A community event made by community members

If you didn’t know who selected the talks for the conference, have a look to the conference committee page.
This committee is a perfect mixed between community members and evangelists.
As chairman of this conference, I can say that these guys made an amazing job to rate and comment this huge amount of  submitted talks.

I particularly want to point out that despite the commitment of some members of the committee for their companies, they played the game with a perfect fair play. They made smart choices with honesty and impartiality.

Also, Percona organizes the conference and selects the committee members.
But isn’t involved in any way on the choices made by the committee members, it should be highlighted.
That mean that the committee works independently, on a fair process, really.

I established a new process this year to reinforce this idea of ​​fair selection of the talks.
The committee members didn’t have access to the other members’s votes until the end of the rating period.
I found this method very interesting to force a spontaneous and personal choice from each committee members.
It was probably not perfect but if you have a look to the selected talks, you may find that the selection is particularly renewed this year.

if I have the opportunity to work on this event again next year, we probably should involve the whole community in this process.
I don’t know how we could make this possible but we have 1 year to think about. Any ideas?

One more thing: We did all this for fun.

Active sponsors

I don’t want to promote the sponsors here but remember that this conference couldn’t be possible without them.
I just want to point out that the sponsors are actively involved in the MySQL Community and its development.

You probably heard how GitHub works with MySQL or all the good news that Tokutek provides for MySQL and MongoDB.
Codership, Continuent, Devart and Severalnines are really active, as usual.
Pythian (included Blackbird) is a leader in the world of (big/small)data, don’t miss their blog.
And HGST works to improve integration between databases and SSD.

Good sponsors make good events!

A well balanced schedule

Of course, good topics make good events.

The predefined categories allowed to have a good sample of topics this year.
HA, security, performance, replication… and a lot of case studies, you have no excuse to not attend.

The tutorials and the talks offered this year are simply amazing.

Also, Facebook is back this year with good stuff, it could be interesting to learn how they manage their small data.
Booking, eBay, HP and Spil Games certainly have very interesting things to expose too.

And of course, all the latest news about Oracle and MariaDB.

You still have doubts? Book now and save money!

Hope to see you there next month.
Good luck and have fun!

PS: Don’t miss the (free) community dinner, because smart attendees make good events!

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