Why I do what I do?

I was sincerely affected by this last MySQL post and this other very long post from Jeremy Cole.
Yes, these two guys are MySQL rock stars and they are really impressives, their involvement in the MySQL community is utter!

I don’t want to write a long long speech about my simple life…
I just want to clarify why I do what I do.

Many people have asked or wondered without asking why I do what I do
(Jeremy Cole - 2013)

A few years ago Ashley Unitt asked me what I was most proud of, and now, I can make a complete answer. I’m very proud to take part of a community, MySQL has transformed my job into a passion and an incredible desire to share this passion, as honestly as possible.

What does it mean in real life?

If I can help in decision making or take part of a discussion, without any bad motivations, independently, I do it!

If the opportunity arises to have a good time over a glass of rosé and discussing open source with Stéphane Varoqui, I do it!

If I have suddenly an idea and a friend with me for several nights and weekends to achieve it, oh yes, I do it!

I do it because it’s terribly exciting and fun, even if I’ve just did it for myself… on a whim.

Yes, I’m very proud when we made MYXPLAIN.net with Max, I’m proud to work for an amazing company, I’m proud to advise someone who challenge me from the other side of the world, I’m proud to read an email from Rick James in my inbox…

I’m proud to be honest!

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  1. Around the world in 2 days… An ex co-worker in Bengaluru spotted my name in this article and pinged me. (I’m in California.)

    I share you passion for MySQL.


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