[Plus] readers choice 2012 : Final results

It’s time to unveil the winners of the [Plus] readers choice awards!
Thank you again for your votes, remember that the real winner was the community, again.

I asked you to vote for what you used in 2012 and you’ve voted with your heart.
Here are the final results, congrats to the lucky guys and teams :

The most useful blogs in 2012 :

  1. MySQL Performance Blog
  2. The MariaDB Blog
  3. SkySQL Blog

Ok, the Percona team members provides the best technical blog about MySQL (and more), this year again. Of course, this blog is very useful and interesting, I recommend to read the comments too, they are often very informative.
There is a lot of work behind this blog, so, its popularity is deserved.

But wait, I’m sure these 3 teams (Percona + MariaDB + SkySQL) represents 80% of the whole MySQL DBAs around the world.
So, let me congratulate independent bloggers for their active involvement and for their sincerity.

The most useful forum in 2012 :

  1. Stackoverflow.com
  2. Twitter.com
  3. Forums.mysql.com

I really like stackoverflow, not only for my MySQL issues, activity on these forums is impressive!
And I’m not surprised to see Twitter in second position, I’ve already written about how I use Twitter.
My advice about Twitter : choose your friends sparingly (if you would read all the tweets that you receive every day)

best MySQL event in 2012 :

  1. MySQL Conference & Expo
  2. Percona Live London

I attended the last two editions of Percona Live at London and these events were incredibly good.
I assume that the MySQL Conference was really interesting but too far for poor European guys…

I was at FOSDEM for the first time this year and it was very exciting. I was very glad to see Percona, MariaDB and Oracle together.
If you’ve never been at FOSDEM, I recommend you to join us next year, this is truly a magical event!

What would you like to test in 2013?

  1. Galera Replication
  2. MySQL 5.6
  3. MariaDB 10 

Galera Replication was popularized by Percona and MariaDB last year.
But the guys from Codership works on this project over many years. This is a very ambitious project that deserves to be tested.
And it has become easier than ever since Galera was packaged by Percona and MariaDB.

MySQL 5.6 is now GA! It’s time to forget your brand new MySQL 5.5 upgrades…

MariaDB is now part of a foundation that ensures the open source nature of MySQL.
Now, you have to make a choice between MySQL 5.6, Percona server 5.6 (not yet released) and MariaDB 10.
However, I’m still a bit skeptical about the ambiguous Monty’s declarations on the compatibility between MariaDB and the future releases of Oracle MySQL.
But it’s only my opinion and don’t undermine the great job provided  by the Monty program team on MariaDB.

Thank you again for your participation, find all the results here.
And I hope to see you in real life this year…

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