How would you like to contribute to MyXplain?

I would like to thank you again for all positive feedbacks I got on MyXplain.
This project has just begun but I am glad he has already affected many of you, it is a very pleasant surprise for us.

We are already working on very exciting features that I hope will emerge in the first quarter of 2013, stay tuned!

Now, if you would like to contribute to MyXplain, several options are available :

Of course you can propose a link, a slide or a book via the box available on website.
Feel free to leave comments on the options that you have some experience or expertise.

To go further, you can also provide a link to your blog or website and even make a donation, Christmas is coming soon, enjoy!
Only $10 can allow MyXplain to run for 1 more month.

During the last Percona Live in London, I also noticed that MyXplain could be very useful in addition to some presentations.
You can mention MyXplain in your slides or during a training, it will be an honor for us and a real help to your audience.

We wish you a Merry Christmas
See you in 2013!
The MyXplain Team

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