MySQL[plus] awards 2011 final results ! (and a story)

Let me tell you a very touching story about these awards.
As I said in the comments : Sometimes we think about something and the next minute we did it…
And it exactly what happened, I took my inspiration from the TUAW Best Of 2011 (Yes, I’m also an Apple fan boy, sorry :-)), and a few minutes later, MySQL[plus] awards 2011 were live !

I thought I could have 50 voters, perhaps 100 voters, in my wildest dreams…

But more than 300 voters and more than 4000 views later, the reality is there : You are amazing !

But, no, it wasn’t perfect !

Shlomi said “You’ve got yourself into a bottomless pit!”, and it’s true.
Ronald said “Your options leave a lot out”, and it’s true.

But I tried to offer this overview of the most used tools with spontaneity, bravery and honesty.
And in my heart, I know you enjoyed it (no ?)

It now remains 11 months to prepare the coming awards…

So, final results are available :

Remember that the real winner is the community !

PS : When I said “Answer with your heart first”, this meant that there was no place for cheaters…