Monitoring your monitoring tools (MONyog inside) !

Regardless of the monitoring tool you use to monitor your databases, it can be better to monitor this tool.
No, it’s not a joke ! Do you think you can have a benefit with a monitoring tool not connected to your servers ? ( without being alerted )

I choose to talk about MONyog here but this can apply to all existing monitoring tools.
I just want to share the message, the tool does not matter, so, do it !

So, let me explain how to control if you have fresh data with MONyog.
With MONyog it’s easy because it’s an agentless monitoring tool.

There are two ways to check that :

Per server general info :


For each server, you can find the last data updated date in the Monitors/Advisors tab.
The MySQL Availability in the dashboard is also usefull.

But it’s a per server information, so, that can be boring if you have a lot of databases servers.

General log file :

The default location for this file is MONyog_PATH/MONyog.log on your MONyog server.
You can find usefull informations there about MySQL, SFTP or SSH connexion failures for all your databases servers, in one place.

This log can also be used to detect client side errors if you don’t have access to the application servers.

Hope that can help, tell us what is the best method to do that with others monitoring tools like MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Have a nice week-end.