Words about PLUK2011

Percona Live London 2011 is over and it was a wonderfull event. Thanks to Percona for this quality event in Europe.
And thanks to all speakers for their outstanding performances.

I just want to share with you some words about PLUK2011, these few words reflect my technical feelings after the event :
(This is the live transcript of my notes during the conference in random order)

  • MySQL is not dead !
  • Sharding is a good way for write scalability
  • It’s difficult to find a real HA solution for MySQL
  • MHA rocks !
  • IO are more than ever our enemies (and we must get into their privacy)
  • Where is Oracle ?!
  • Glad to see SkySQL there
  • We probably need new références for SSD
  • Keep in mind the operability of the proposed solutions
  • Handler socket is not ready for production
  • Cross schema queries are bad for Tungsten Replicator

I was really glad to meet (or see again) people and speak about MySQL and other stuff…
And very impressed to see so many people at the event.

See you next year !

PS : You can find some of the conferences slides on my public box.net in the front page

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  1. Hi Cedric,

    It was great meeting you at PLUK2011 – hope you heard from ScaleBase that sharding is good for write scalability :-)

  2. Hi Cédric,
    You’re right, very good event this PLUK2011.

    This kind of events prove us that MySQL is stronger than before because of his great ecosysytem !!!

    Thanks you for the slides



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